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Creating a Character

Here are a few very simple steps you can follow in order to create a new character:


-Race (i.e.: Dwarf, Troll, Human, Vampire, etc.)

-Build (i.e. Tall, Fat, Slender, Short, etc.)

-Occupation, skills etc. (i.e. good ranger, carpenter, juggler, pickpocket etc.)

-Facial description (i.e. eyecolour, haircolour, beard, scars, wrinkles, etc.)

-Clothes (Please, for my sake, do not pick a gray or black cloak with a large hood. I've seen too many of those lately...)

-Personal history (i.e. origins, family, etc. It's kinda embarassing when someone asks your character where he/she comes from, and you don't know yet. ofcourse, not knowing your origins is also a possibility)

-Skills (your character may be a simple carpenter for instance, or you can choose to be an absolute zero on every single field)

-Strengths of character (VERY related to personal history)

-Weaknesses of character (perhaps the most important aspect of your entire character, because if you make him/her another superman, it's simply no fun)

You should have the above figured out befóre you start roleplaying. Ofcourse roleplaying experiences can change your character but you need something to start out with. Something good and original preferably.

Try not to make him/her look/act too much like yourself. You might feel attacked on a personal level from time to time and that is one of the most irritating things in roleplaying.