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The Art of Roleplaying Online

Roleplaying is, in short, creating and living a whole new person. You put together a person's features, clothes, personal history and strengths and weaknesses of character. After that, every situation you think "with this person's characteristics, what would I do?" and you do it. I guess you could say roleplayers are actors on paper.

All over the internet, there are places with roleplayers. There are many different settings however. Some play in a medieval setting without magic. Some play in an Arabian Nights-setting with magic, and some roleplayers do their things in a Starwars like setting with spaceships and all kinds of aliens.

There are also different kinds of roleplaying area's. There are online games especially made for roleplaying, such as EverQuest or Ultima Online. You can write your stories in Guestbook-like pages on roleplaying sites. It is also possible to play by e-mail with a group of friends.

I myself are part of a roleplaying Diablo II clan. Our main focus is on roleplaying in guestbook-like roleplaying areas. That is why this kind of roleplaying will be the most evident on this page. This is not a complete guide to roleplaying. It is simply a small compendium of what I've learnt on the subject. I hope it will be of use to you.


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